L.A. RECORD Issue 104

Thanks to our friends at L.A. RECORD, Feeding People is featured with an interview and album review in L.A. RECORD issue 104. This issue also features King Tuff, Hall and Oats, Tim Burton, Paul Collins,Cosmonauts and more.

Interview by Dan Collins and Lainna Fader.

Photography by Ramon Felix.

“Feeding People is a dark and delicious contradiction. Both the band and the band members are incredibly young (founders and power-couple Nic Rachman and Jessie Jones are just 19 years old) but their music- fueled by beer and the attentions of Burger Records- also veers towards the ancient and dark. These punk rock kids have roots in psychedelia, stoner metal, pre-war blues, and even Sunday School sing-a-longs, and they also know how to enjoy a backyard, a cool evening, a chimenea, and a cracklin’ Duraflame log. We coaxed them into talking about drugs and demons, just days before the End of Time- bad timing, since this is their first interview ever!”

Pick up your own print issue  of L.A. RECORD 104, available now, to read the rest of the interview & review.

An exerpt from the album review, by Dan Collins

“Jones and Rachman met at Sunday school: the first songs they ever played together were in praise of Jesus. And though they’ve happily escaped the clutches of the Pentecostal faith, there’s still alot about this music that feels Biblical, especially the nagging notion that you get that their music is not coming strictly from them but is channeling through them, that they are the instruments of a higher power. Whether that power is an angel or a demon or a flitch in the matric is unclea, but something is going on at the root of this music that is not of this world… How else could a rock band with an average age of a baby lay down a first albumn as good as this, one that channels the darkest parts of the 20th century American Music, especially psychedelia and heavy metal, when you know they couldn’t possibly be old enough to know how evocative yet original they are?”

” I would happily eat a human,”  Feeding People.

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