Feeding People signs with Innovative Leisure

 Innovative Leisure welcomes Feeding People to their line up of artists ! Feeding People will be recording in Venice this Saturday for their Innovative Leisure LP vinyl release. This album will include new songs in addition to tracks from Peace, Victory & the Devil. Things are definetly off to a good start for us, we couldn’t ask for more. We’d like to thank  … Continue reading

Feeding People Live

On the road, back in July, we played at Reno’s JubJub bar. Here are the videos from Outsleazed Fest!! Enjoy. Big thanks to the one and only Bobby Burger for Recording these videos . Our tour to Reno was unforgettable, and we can’t wait to tour there next year! We love you Reno!!!

Electric Jungle & Friends!

This weekend we are moving into our own private lockout in Fullerton, called Electric Jungle.We will be the new neighbors to Burger boys,  The Audacity & Cosmonauts! Vaughn, the owner of Electric Jungle, has his own band, E.V. Loud  & a T.V. show, Unsigned Artists TV! It’s awesoooooome. Click here to see a video of … Continue reading

L.A. RECORD Issue 104

Thanks to our friends at L.A. RECORD, Feeding People is featured with an interview and album review in L.A. RECORD issue 104. This issue also features King Tuff, Hall and Oats, Tim Burton, Paul Collins,Cosmonauts and more. Interview by Dan Collins and Lainna Fader. Photography by Ramon Felix. “Feeding People is a dark and delicious … Continue reading

Burger Records SXSW Tour Video

Footage of Burger bands from the 2011 Burger Records Tour!  Speacial thanks to Summer Twins for making the video. The soundtrack features music from: Cosmonauts– “Psychic Denim” Feeding People- “Summertime Dear” King Tuff– “Animal” Conspiracy of Owls– “Silver Song”

June Bloom

Shows this month: The California Heritage Museum Tuesday, June 6th @ 2pm, all ages 2612 Main Street Santa Monica, CA  Check out: TOMS shoes The 5 Star Bar, filling in for Sea Lions Thursday, June 9 @ 9:30 , 18+ 267 S. Main Street (On the corner of Main and 3rd) Check out: Daedulus The … Continue reading

Feeding People Pictures