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The Revival Sessions: Feeding People at Townhouse Speakeasy

“Feeding People, a group of teenage kids from Orange County that are making some of the heaviest Psych around and headed by female vocalist Jess Rachman. This sounds like true ’70s Venice Psychedelic Subculture.”

– Mike , Music On The Left


“Feeding People once again were fantastic, this time a little less psych-sounding, but fuller, more doomy and hard. If this is stoner rock, it’s the kind of ganga with the weird cannabinoids that helped the Zulus shove spears through the bellies of the British.”

Dan Collins, LA RECORD

SXSW DAY-2: Tuscon

“We haven’t even made it to Austin yet, but I think I’ve already found my favorite band of SXSW: Feeding People, the hard-driving doom-y psych band fronted by Nic Rachman on geetar and Jessie Carrillo on lead female vocals.  With her curls and evil delivery, Carrillo came across like a sinister Edie Brickell, who might have crawled out of a mirror in one of those Grudge-type horror movies—or maybe she sounds like Amanda Brown when she was fronting Knit Witch, I haven’t decided.”

Dan Collins, LA RECORD

SXSW DAY -3: Austin

“Of course, being a no-good rocker type, my breakfast started around 2 in the afternoon, so I missed Summer Twins and some other Burger Records goodies at Trailer Space Records, meandering into my parking spot just in time to catch a third day of Feeding People, who still had enough energy to blow the psych-o socks off the huddled masses yearning to drink beer amongst the rows of records in Trailer Space’s groovy little vinyl aisles.”

Dan Collins, LA RECORD

Culture Remixed: Low End Theory, Thom Yorke, Heru, and Feeding People

“The band Feeding People followed Thom Yorke’s set.  Playing a blend of psychedelic, grunge, and blues they rocked their set.  Admittedly, I was bouncing around as the shockwaves from the Thom Yorke set reverberated.
The Orange, California band definitely had their fans.  The crowd joyfully danced to the live instruments.  Unfortunately, many people left after Thom Yorke’s set.  I wish they would of stayed, but hopefully they took away a bit of the residents sets and the openness Low End Theory has to offer.  If all they took away from the night was that Thom Yorke was there, I will truly feel sorry for them.”

Julian, Culture Remixed

Album Review: Sincerely California

Murky, thick, revolution. Night fest (Night Owl), jump roping psychedelic mystery (Wing a Ding). Heartbeat party showoff (Big Mother), borderline security mental themes (Insane featuring Free the Robots). Wild ride through radical knowing (Native). Orange, California’s Feeding People creates a 1970’s learned city escape you’ll want to tag along with. ”

Kylie, Sincerely California

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